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【DENTSPLY SIRONA WORLD 2017】 Current In-Office CAD/CAM Materials – Survivals & Failures
Note of Clinical performance and comparison of current in-office milled materials with Rella Christensen.

DENTSPLY SIRONA WORLD 2017 的第三天下午,Dr. Rella Christensen 為我們介紹 ” In-office CAD/CAM Materials ” 的應用及表現。

Yu-Chiang Chen is a member of Sweet Space Dental Clinic and CEREC Asia Training Center.

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牙科陶瓷材料基礎介紹(三)— CAD/CAM 瓷塊強度比較
Dental Ceramics in CAD/CAM - Strength

陶瓷為 CAD/CAM 最常使用的塊材,廠商提供的強度數據常常讓醫師一頭霧水,不知從何比較起。本文討論陶瓷材料重要的兩個機械性質並整理文獻測試資料,提供臨床贗復物選擇參考。

Doris Chang (張維庭) is a lecturer at CEREC Asia and the current leader of the Tooth Faerie Club.