About CEREC Digest

CEREC Digest was founded in 2016 by Hsuan Chen (陳鉉) and Cheng-Han Li (李承翰). The plan was to create a channel that focuses on the CEREC system and dental CAD/CAM in general. The website was launched in January of 2017 as a joint effort between CEREC Asia, a training center based in Taiwan, and the Tooth Faerie Club, a 50-person study club created by Hsuan and Cheng-Han. The Digest caters primarily to the demographic of dentists and dental technicians who are interested to learn more about digital dentistry.

CEREC Digest currently consists of three main editors and several contributing writers.

Hsuan Chen / Chief Editor
Hsuan is a lecturer at CEREC Asia and a full-time clinician with experience in CEREC and 3Shape. He has a background in engineering, and his writing focuses primarily on the technological aspects of digital dentistry.

Cheng-Han Lee / Deputy Editor
Cheng-Han is the Chief Resident Doctor of the Department of Prosthodontics at Taipei Veterans General Hospital. He oversees long-form contents and writes about trends in digital dentistry.