Among the Stars

Today, one of our most important and beloved teammate has passed away. Chiwen Wang was one of the original founders of CEREC Asia, and has been instrumental in every major project we have undertaken since the team’s inception in 2015. With our shared engineering background, I have worked with Chiwen on countless studies pertaining to CADCAM dentistry, a small sample of which we have published here at the Digest.

It’s hard to put into words the overwhelming sadness that our team here has felt ever since Chiwen suddenly left us last Sunday. He was a healthy, 34-year-old and dedicated father of two small children, and had simply been dealt a terrible hand. His work at CEREC Asia was his passion, and has left his mark on every aspect of our accomplishments.

We are lucky to have known Chiwen, and I know I will miss my dear friend very much.

Rest in peace.

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